Today I know a friend who flew from Los Angeles to Sydney. The lucky friend of mine was upgraded to first class on Delta. Yeh, she had a flat bed and all that! And I am SUPER jealous of her! But it made me think, how do we make a long flight comfortable when we are not given the luxury of a first class upgrade like some people!!! So unfair!

When I fly long journeys, the most important thing I find is what clothing I’m wearing. Let’s face it, Im not travelling 14 hours in the sky to impress the pants off the flight attendants with my chic style. I would much rather have my trackpants and a dressing gown anyday. I generally think about a long flight like everything I need for bed time. That is – tootbrush, floss, socks for cold feet, loose-ish but warm clothing… and then on top of that, I always take a spare pair of pants, undies, socks in my carry on, because you never know when the day will come that the flight attendant spills juice all over you! Preparation is the key. The other key is warmth. Far too often do I see people flying between hot weathered places, and they neglect to bring onboard a simple jumper or something to cover their legs and feet. Planes are cold places… so don’t try and test them or yourself out.

Thongs are great because you can slip them on your feet and take them off, replacing them with socks or whatever the case may be. I always take thongs on so I can use the bathroom without worrying about getting wet feet.

Other things I recommend taking on board with you…

Pen (to fill out your customs forms)

Some kind of painkiller in case a headache kicks in.

Blow up neck cushion (these are really great for sleeping with)

Anything that you can entertain yourself with (book, mp3, video, etc)