When two of you are travelling together, did you know there is a really good way to get great seats so that both of you end up being happy?

Everyone generally wants either a window or an aisle seat when it comes to flying cattle class. An exit row would trump both of these easily.

So here’s what you can do to give yourselves a better chance of enjoying the journey more provided that the plane is not completely full.

A) Where there are 3 seats between the window and the aisle, and assuming you can allocate yourself your seats (not possible on all airlines, I understand), you should put one person on the window and one on the aisle. Middle seats are allocated last, only once the plane is filled up. The further towards the back of the plane you go, the more chance that the middle seat between you won’t fill up. Therefore giving you 3 seats between 2. And of course, let’s say worst comes to worst, you can offer the person who arrives at the seat in between you either one of your seats. they will no doubt be much more willing to sit on an aisle or next to the window than in between two people. In fact, they may be very thankful indeed.

B) Similar to A, just that you get two aisle seats behind/infront of one another. this is particularly good in a configuration with 3 or 4 seats in the middle section. Again, the middle seats fill up last, so you have a good chance of not having anyone sit next to either of you. but at very last resort, you can offer person in middle in one of the rows the chance to swap if the plane is full and there’s no advantage to you. (ie having to sleep next to strangers and sharing space).

Travelling in a pair can provide some wonderful opportunities like this. Go ahead and make the most of them!