Do airline lounges really deliver worthiness based on the price you pay to access them? I must admit, I haven’t spent a lot of time in airline lounges. I’ve had one experience at the Qantas club which was quite good, and I could see the value for someone who flies weekly. But for the rest of us, I don’t think we are missing out that much. Sure – you don’t get all that “free” food and drink, which could be welcomed if you raced to the airport hungry and thirsty. I would think if you were an infrequent flyer, that you could find a bar or restaurant in an airport that you could better spend the money you would otherwise pay for a Qantas club membership for a year.

If you weren’t aware, for people flying Qantas or Jetstar, you can get a complimentary guest pass to the Qantas Club for the day you are flying. New members to the club receive a comp pass when they sign up, and it’s valid for a year. These are very easy to find on ebay, but do sell for quite a price. In most cases, $50 is the minimum for one of these.

Say you were about to go on an exciting flight (perhaps en route to celebrate an anniversary or birthday) you might get one of these and get to the airport early to get the party started. A champagne and some cheese on biscuits? Yes please!

I sense that these lounge places need to be treated with caution, as one could get complacent for expecting the same service/style across the globe, only to be surprised at a lounge overflowing with customers in another city.